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NFT Collection

Generation 0 tokens are:

• Minted on Ethereum and sold through 3 rd party and our proprietary marketplaces


• Only 10.000 Series 1 issued, and released in tranches


• Fully compatible with private chain tokens & all layers of gameplay


• Embedded with 13 hereditary traits, with higher fertility and rate of rare characteristics than future generations


• Come with access to “Chronic Canna Club”, including exclusive realworld and online events, special discounts, and much more.


Free minting on our private blockchain

Gameplay requires 3 active Chronics per player (Battle Mode) • Minted free on private blockchain

• Available for sale in our marketplace


Determined by Mendelian Genetics & Heredity

• 4.2 billion possible variations

• Including very rare and valuable Chronics


Once enough time, money, and dedication have been put into their Chronics, gamers can launch them on the Ethereum Mainnet

Decentralized marketplace: trade seamlessly P2P

Once their tokens are launched on Mainnet, gamers can access cheap and efficient liquidity through our fully decentralised and democratised marketplace.


It embodies our vision of a “Green Utopia”, a world in which Cannabis is legalized, liberalized and democratized, the gateway where the keys to our “Cannaverse” are accessed.


It enables anyone to buy and sell their NFTs, empowering them to earn what they deserve, when they deserve, expediting and streamlining transactions with low fees.

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